7 Ways to Know If You Are Dehydrated

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It’s easy to forget that our bodies are made mostly of water, and while we often place such a huge emphasis on the foods we eat, not as many individuals really pay attention to how much fluids they drink. Add to that the market saturation of soda, and sugary juices that aren’t good for you, and it’s easy to see why you can become easily dehydrated.

Since we rely on certain vitamins and minerals to replenish our system, it’s important to drink the right kind of liquids. While tap water might be one answer, we recommend consuming coconut water, particularly after exercising. Even if you’re not running a marathon, let’s explore 7 signs that you might be dehydrated:

  • You’re thirstyPerhaps one of the biggest telltale signs of dehydration, thirstiness signifies that your body is in desperate need of hydration. Experts say that once you’ve reached the point of actually feeling thirsty, your body is already far past the point of needing replenishment.
  • Your urine is discoloredIndividuals who drink tons of the right kind of fluids tend to have fairly clear urine, as their body is able to expel waste along with the liquids they drink. When you’re under-hydrated, the only thing leaving your system are the waste products, making your urine dark and possibly smelly.
  • You just feel ‘off’ In order for our bodies to run efficiently and effectively, we need to supply it with fuel. Leaving out the proper amount of fluids from your daily routine can result in headaches, mood swings, tiredness, and a general sense of not feeling like yourself.
  • You’ve skipped a bowel movement While our stool is mostly made of solid waste, it also contains more water than you’d imagine. When your body is under-hydrated, it sucks water from your bowels and transports it to other parts of the body. This may lead to constipation and bloating.
  • You go the entire day without urinating Aside from just having oddly colored urine, an under-hydrated system will hang on to whatever water you feed it rather than sending it to your bladder. Regular habits typically mean urinating every three to four hours – any longer and you’re in need of replenishment.
  • You’ve lost your appetite Common sense tells us that the food we eat and the liquids we drink are separate from each other, but like everything else in the body, our digestive system is connected to other processes. If you can’t eat much, a glass of coconut water before a meal will help to get you on track.
  • Your skin looks tired Remember how we mentioned that most of our bodies are made of water? This rings especially true for our skin, the largest organ of the human body. When you’re under-hydrated you may notice that your complexion is dull and your skin doesn’t have the same bounce it once did.

If any of these symptoms ring true, it’s time to get some fluids into your system! But you can’t just sip on anything and have it nourish you, so that’s why we recommend Hydra Coco coconut water. Our Sports beverages offer 6 vitamins and 5 electrolytes to get your body on the road to recovery in no time. Hydra Coco Pure will help you to stay hydrated any time of day. Remember, if you’re under-hydrated, coconut water is your best bet for replenishing your body and feeling great.