At Hydra Coco, our mission is to provide our customers with unique and beneficial drinks that empower them to make healthy life choices while supporting an active lifestyle. Each one of our drinks is the perfect balance between purity, flavor, and nutrition.



The brand Hydra Coco was borne out of an idea to create the very first 100% coconut water sports drink.  Our mission was to develop a product with nature at heart, where we could leave all the commonly added synthetics of popular sports drinks behind, and become the first choice for those leading an active lifestyle. So the question was asked, how could they still reap in the benefits of popular sports drinks, without having to make sacrifices to their health, due to high sugar content and synthetic additives?

This is where Hydra Coco Sport was created. A high-quality natural sports drink suited perfectly for those that lead an active lifestyle based around nature. Hydra Coco Sport not only contains all the naturally occurring electrolytes found in pure coconut water but is also enhanced with carefully selected vitamins that are known to boost overall health and aid in recovery. Vitamin B1, B3, B5, B6, B12, and Vitamin C are just some of the health-boosting additions you’ll find in each and every bottle of Hydra Coco Sport.

Much like a first born, we have to say we’re pretty proud of the creation of Hydra Coco Sport. Little did we know, our product line would expand to what it is today. Thanks to your incredible support., we’re proud to now offer not just one product, but an entire range-and continually expanding!

Hydra Coco Sport is a fulfilling beverage built for those that know deep down, just how many simple habits made each day, can truly add to a lifetime of vibrant health and wellbeing. By choosing to rehydrate with Hydra Coco Sport, you’re not only enjoying the refreshing taste from the young coconut, but you also know that with every sip you’re refueling your body with much-needed electrolytes and vitamins after physical activity.

Hydra Coco Pure is our premium natural coconut water and the base of all of our drinks that come from a single source, never frozen and Not From Concentrate. Hydra Coco Pure is the perfect balance of purity, nutrition and an excellent source of hydration sweetened by nothing but mother nature herself!

Hydra Coco Sparkling Sport does things differently by giving you a chance to enjoy the first sparkling sports drink made with natural coconut water and real fruit. No added sugar; and just 80 calories. Hydra Coco Sparkling Sport comes naturally loaded with magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and potassium to keep you well hydrated and boosted with key vitamins, C, B12, B5, B1, B3, and B6. To help you recover from that workout faster and boost overall health with every sip. 



The Hydra Coco Difference

In solidifying our company mission, we couldn’t help but notice how many active people are almost entirely basing their diets around nature, yet when it comes to hydration, it made no sense that they would choose to drink artificially loaded sports drinks. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to try Hydra Coco.

FLAVOR YOU’LL LOVE – The superior taste of Hydra Coco lies in the coconuts. We blend the dwarf and full-size young coconuts Sourced from the majestic lands of BenTre province in Vietnam, where fertile soils work with ideal temperature to produce a smoother and sweeter taste than that found in other leading brands. Which means, when you drink Hydra Coco, you’re tasting something truly unique.

PURITY: Premium natural coconut water drink that comes from a single source, never frozen and Not From Concentrate. All of our products are non-GMO, gluten-free, and lactose-free.

So fuel your active lifestyle the cleanest way by drinking a smart alternative to juice and soda





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