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Where do your coconuts come from?

All of our coconuts are sourced from majestic lands of BenTre province in Vietnam, where fertile soils work with ideal temperature to produce a smoother and sweeter taste than coconut from other regions.

Is Hydra Coco gluten free?


Why does Hydra Coco taste so good and sweet?

The sweet taste of Hydra Coco comes from the dwarf coconut. All hydra Coco coconut waters are produced from a  blend of 2 coconut species the dwarf and the full-size young coconuts, producing an amazing taste.

Does Hydra Coco need to be kept refrigerated?

No, Hydra Coco can be stored at room temperature unless it has been opened at which point NEEDS to be refrigerated. DRINK CHILLED.

Why are some coconut water sweeter than others?

Coconuts, like most fruits, contain naturally occurring sugars. A coconuts flavor profile varies depending on the species, geographical location and soil conditions of its growth. Dwarf species are the sweetest and produce the nuttier scent, while the larger green ones typically have very little scent and taste a bit bland.

Does Hydra Coco have added sugar?

No, our products contain only the naturally occurring sugar from within the fruits.

Does Hydra Coco use GMOs?

No. Hydra Coco uses only non-GMO ingredients.


What does the word “Sport” stand for on my drink?

When you see the word “Sport” on your drink that means it is infused with vitamins for immune support, energy and recovery.


What the difference between Hydra Coco Sport and other Sports drinks?

We are the only 100% coconut water drink infused with vitamins . The ingredients in other sports drinks water or very low in actually fruit juice.  Don’t get fooled! Always read the ingredients.

Whats is inside Hydra Coco Sport, and how do I benefit from it?

Hydra Coco Sport is 100% coconut water loaded with naturally occurring electrolytes infused with Vitamins C and B complex for immune support, energy and recovery after workouts.

What is the process you use to retain product freshness?

Once extracted from the coconut our water is immediately micro-filtered, flash pasteurized and packaged to retain maximum freshness. 

Does Hydra Coco Sport have added color?

No. Natural coconut water is clear and vitamins have color, when mixed you may get color variations. But this Does not affect the benefits of Hydra Coco Sport.