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Just Coconut Water That Tastes Better! Coconut water is much more than just a hydrating drink, it’s a natural fit for a healthy lifestyle. Hydra Coco Pure is made from coconuts of the majestic tropical lands of Southeast Asia. Sweetened only by nature, our single sourced, never frozen and not from concentrate coconut water delivers a smooth and sweeter taste than coconuts from other regions. So forget the drinks with artificial colors, flavors, and added sugars and enjoy a pure drink that does the body right.



 100% Coconut Water


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    Is Hydra Coco gluten free?


    Why does Hydra Coco taste so good and sweet?

    The sweet taste of Hydra Coco comes from the dwarf coconut. All hydra Coco coconut waters are produced from a  blend of 2 coconut species the dwarf and the full-size young coconuts, producing an amazing taste.

    Why are some coconut water sweeter than others?

    Coconuts, like most fruits, contain naturally occurring sugars. A coconuts flavor profile varies depending on the species, geographical location and soil conditions of its growth. Dwarf species are the sweetest and produce the nuttier scent, while the larger green ones typically have very little scent and taste a bit bland.

    What is the process you use to retain product freshness?

    Once extracted from the coconut our water is immediately micro-filtered, flash pasteurized and packaged to retain maximum freshness. 

    Does Hydra Coco have added sugar?

    No, our products contain only the naturally occurring sugar from within the fruits.

    Does Hydra Coco use GMOs?

    No. Hydra Coco uses only non-GMO ingredients.